Chocolate Shrooms/Reishi Mushroom Chocolate bars


Chocolate Shrooms/Reishi Mushroom Chocolate bar

We make our Reishi Spore Bar using 100% organic ingredients, and then add in cracked cell wall Reishi Mushroom spore extract. We use our rich & creamy 70% chocolate for this magical bar.

Chocolate Shrooms/Reishi Mushroom Chocolate bar

Golden Shrooms Chocolate Edible is a unique chocolate mushroom bar. It has chocolate and caramel aroma with a nutty touch. Allow each bite to help you relax, unwind and feel the bliss. Scientists believe that chocolate makes us feel good due to anandamide, a molecule naturally generated in our bodies as well as in chocolate and CBD.

Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar-Golden Shrooms brings together nutritious spices and mushrooms that work together to provide you with a vast range of health benefits.

The Criollo cacao is sourced from Peru, where the local tribesmen collect and ferment the cocoa beans. The 40g chocolate bar comes in eco-friendly packaging that is home-compostable. This product is ideal for boosting health but it is intended to cure or heal any medical condition. Instead, the Chocolate Bliss Bar should be used to complement a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Order this mushroom chocolate Edible at

Chocolate Shrooms

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